BrainJogger Mobile Client (Amadeus)

An Android-based mobile client for BrainJogger is in development. Inspired in part by other assistant technologies such as Siri, Cortana, Alexa, etc., the BrainJogger Mobile Client (called Amadeus, for historical purposes) is an effort to improve voice interaction capabilities with the BrainJogger core functions but also provide the foundation for addition computer/human interaction program (C/HIP) research, a DCRE Labs Project.

Amadeus is not intended to be a replacement for the other clients, as it does not focus on searching through your schedule, selling you products or promoting a search engine database. Instead, it is focused on providing an easier access method to information (news, research, stock prices, etc.) and also providing a mobile and verbal front end to the BrainJogger suite (tasks, reminders, chores, etc.) The tight integration between the BrainJogger website (desk client) and the mobile client is intended to provide full functionality where it makes sense: Detailed updates from a browser, verbal updates when you are "on the go".