BS Tracking Client

Despite being tragically named, the BS Client (Blood Sugar Tracking Client) is a side project from the BrainJogger/Amadeus Team. There is a separate Android client in development as a prototype activity. The long term plan is to fold this capability into the existing mobile client using a verbal interface. However, during the initial proof of concept, a simple Android client will be used to gather use cases and refine the database. This page is intended to track the program of the Blood Sugar Tracking - BETA We've recently made some changes to the Blood Sugar Tracking Client, based on beta testers' feedback.
  • BS Tracking overall updates (BETA v081819.1157) - These changes require a mandatory client update - Ask your DCRE representative for details
    • Client: Modified front end to support just "before meal" and "after meal" for those users not tracking to breakfast, lunch and/or dinner
    • Client: Now supports tracking weight and steps taken
    • Client: Restructured main screen (settings button to top, optional/manual time/date entries at bottom)
    • Client: Removed time as a function of hour/min and collapsed to date/time
    • Client: Added an about screen for future details.
    • Server/Client: DB support now for tracking steps, weight and date as well as time separately
    • Client: Reformatted layout, shrunk size of SUBMIT button, add time/date pickers
    • Server: Started working on an Excel export of data for additional tracker support
    • Server: Implemented and enforced version checking between server/client. (Mandatory to protect the DB integrity, we learned that one the hard way)
    • Server: Added an "About" functionality to pull latest details from server into About screen.
      Miscellaneous changes to this distribution (minor update: g4, not a revision change)
    • Corrected spelling error and erroneous reference to A1C in pop-up error dialog
    • Adjusted item 2 to read "Blood sugar reading (mg/DL)" vs. requesting score.
  • BS Tracking overall updates (BETA v1005.1744) - These changes require a client update - Ask your DCRE representative for details
    • Server/Client: Added code to confirm client is running latest version (protects DB integrity)
    • Client: Now supports answering "How do you feel" and "What did you eat" questions verbally (requires text recognition, optional)
    • Client: Now supports "PM" indicator (for posting late entries)
    • Client: Added capability to only check scores (pull down from Question #1)
    • Client: Reformatted layout, shrunk size of SUBMIT button
    • Server: Modified DB to support new data fields (min/max targets, timestamp)
    • Server: Implemented version checking between server/client. (Warning only, for now)
  • BS Tracking overall updates (BETA v1003.2300) - These changes require a client update - Ask your DCRE representative for details
    • Server side: modified database to track targets, timestamp entries and track foods better.
    • Client now shows last 4 database entries upon submission.
    • Client now shows random positive messages for scores 2 pts or more under target.
    • Settings screen: Changed layout, wording for better readability.
    • Settings screen: Added "debug" option
      Coder comment: Just toggles additional output from server side, no local logs are generated on device.
    • Settings screen: Changed color scheme and shape of SAVE button.
  • BS Tracking client updates (BETA v1002.2305) - These changes require a client update - Ask your DCRE representative for details
    • Main Screen: Added text box entry for score to bottom of main page. The slider still works and automatically updates the "score" box at the bottom but users that prefer to type in the numbers can use this box instead.
    • Settings Screen: Added Target scores for before/after meals Coder comment: This functionality is being moved from the server - this is in transit, stay tuned...
    • Overall: Added "hide keyboard" options when hitting Save or SUBMIT buttons (keyboard would stay up and get in the way)
    • Overall: Added title bar and versioning info at top during BETA testing. Versions are Vmajor.minor
    • Settings Screen: Added news link (in-app browser pointing to this page)
  • BS Tracking Server updates (BETA)
    • Database created - data entered from client will be stored, however, database may get wiped without notice. Design group comment: need to set up debug option on client to modify server responses. Coder comment: Call for reporting requests on server side (future target action).

Beta tester feedback:
Day One Items
  • Replace slidebar with data entry field for entering number. Or show me how I can get the bar to hit 154 Post Meal :-)
    The slidebar is too sensitive by default but you can change the range over in settings - scroll down, hit the grey(?) settings button. Once the range is down to 50 or 100, the slidebar is much better (Beth gave the same feedback, seems okay with the change once the range is set to the individual's preference. However, the team is working on giving an optional text box at the bottom of the main screen, below where the hour and minute are located. For now, the goal is just to track before/after for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, the time of the entry is going to be useful at some point, so the database actually tracks the time of submission. So the Hour/Min at the bottom - completely optional - is to allow folks to "override" the default of using the current time's hour/min for a given submission. (That is, if someone too the measurements at the right time but didn't get around to entering them until later....)
    Status: Closed, two adjustments made - text entry supported, refined scale of slider supported.
  • I like the reminder that below 180 for post meal is good. Make that configurable for people that want to be more aggressive.
    The team made the target of 180 set in the client and on a per user base. The 180 guidance was based on initial feedback and was written into the server side but now thinks that is not the right approach. We're not convinced it should only be on the client either but we'll move it there for now and see how it goes. The next version (completed) will support two target numbers: one for before the meal and one for after. Eventually someone will come along and ask for just a "delta" number (xxx points over whatever the before number was) but we'll cross that bridge when / if we get there.
    Status: Closed but on a watch list for future modification. Upper targets are now configurable off settings screen, per client, and fed to server, per submission, and stored in database.
Day Two Items
  • Mostly custom settings like tell me when it has been xxx hours since last reading. The team is working a bug concerning reminders - possibly an Android OS issue. Not target for completion.
  • Let me enter food eaten. If you select an "after meal" score, an entry box for "food eaten" will show up - that data will be collected and stored in the database as of the last update. If it is a "before meal" entry, it just says it will remind you in two hours (which, per above, it won't . so, it lies. for now.)
  • Ask me if I want to read if it has been xxx hours since I last ate or did a reading. Work in progress
  • Let me set a low value alert, thinking Type 1's may use this app as well. Work in progress
Day Three - All good ideas, on the schedule but on the horizon. Watch for the medicine tracking option sooner rather than later.
  • Let me choose food from a database and record the carbs, and other stuff if desired. if reading is high after eating a high carb food, suggest I don't eat the Five Guys fries next time.
  • Let me enter when I take other medication, and if a reading is out of range, tie it back to when I took the other medication as there may be a correlation.
  • Let me know if a reading is the same, higher or lower than others around the same time. thinking patterns of eating behavior vs. extremes.