Infrastructure Change Log

Service update: BrainJogger infrastructure is being replicated in the background for DR/BIA purposes. No service change is expected however, a new client may be required in the future to make use of the redundancy. Contact your DCRE Labs representative for more details. Infrastructure team, 02/06/2022

Various changes since the last build:

  • Corrected URL bug that was preventing "PC" updates (website) from properly sorting column headers
  • Adjusted "morning report" to no longer play news casts on weekends that only update M-F
  • Adjusted "morning report" to not include news broadcasts before they update for the day (i.e., 8 AM podcasts don't play until after 8 AM)
  • Added "Tasks (Mobile)" link to main page for easier access to task list from mobile web browsers
  • Improved Wikipedia search functions (no longer case sensitive). Commands are "research quantum entanglement" vs. "full research quantum entanglement"
    Note: The command is research to read results (versus search which will just do a URL query and display the bing search page)

  • Fixed bug in stock price beta code causing some stocks not to have prices (those with a . in their symbol)
  • Fixed bug in stock price beta database causing BRK-A to not populate.
    Coder Comment: Database structure didn't support a single stock prince > $99,999.99. Sorry Warren, our bad.
  • Added web search commands to bring up browser on screen ("[search the web|do a web search|search] [for], look up, google XXX")
    Coder comment: Ironically, due to Google over thinking URL searches, Amadeus uses bing....
  • Reward category now supported in mobile client (add task with negative point values)
  • Fixed problem with morning report (Daily Bible verse is no longer read first)
  • "Phase of the moon" is now supported.
    (i.e., "What is the current phase of the moon?")
  • Three new commands, the start of the "Bible support project":
    "get random Bible verse - Randomly selects and reads a Bible verse.
    "read Bible verse John 3:16" - Will read the book of John, Chaper 3, Verse 6.
    "read Bible John chapter 3" - Will display Chapter 3 of the Book of John. If it is too lengthy, only the text will be display.
  • "Update all late tasks" and "Update all late chores" now sets new due date for tomorrow (instead of today)
    (This allows bonus if completed with 24 hours. Otherwise updating is a penalty without possibility of redemption)
  • Point change: "Move aheads" now cost 10 points (up from 2)
  • Added Mass-add capability (recommended for PC use)
  • Added banner bar icons for improved navigation
  • Corrected due date error (negative due dates) and added color-coding for late tasks.
  • Corrected behaviour recurrence bug -- Closing a behaviour now awards points, resets the dates (due=1 week, target=4 days) and retains active status
  • Added new filtering capability -- Can now filter on project name as well as task type.
  • Work has started on the Android app -- Corrected Google voice input errors
  • Corrected Bonus Value.

    Original code was adding BonusValue to Baseval for a given entry. Two things wrong with that: (1) The original design was for the bonus value to be a multiplier, not just an adder. (That way if we need to change baseline point values, we don't have to recalculate all the bonuses as well). Typical bonus value is 1.5 = 1.5 times the basevalue (or a 50% bonus if finishing the task early). Which leads to problem (2): The database was loading the value as a decimal (which is why every item's bonus was 2 pts instead of 1.5 times the base value.
    But, no matter - all is well. or at least better. Bonus value now is a decimal multiplier from base value and the scoring (which hasn't been written as of yet) will nopw work better.

  • Entries have been broken down into sub components for a much nicer scoring system (which, again, still needs to be written. Maybe I should make that a task... see below)
    • Task - One time item to be accomplished. Typically has no recurrence, high point value, highe rthan average bonus
    • Chore - A recurring task. Has a recurrence entry, system will automagically reset a completed task when it comes due again
    • Behaviour - A Chore which has immediate recurrence, can be done multiple times/day for easy points (behaviour modification entries: smile at people, resist the candy dish, etc.) Typically low points but, as Fr Guide Sarucci would say, "it adds up..."
    • Reminder - Basically a Task / One time event but system can be more aggressive with the reminders (proactive notification vs. passive presentation)
    • Other - because, who knows what else we wiil think up...

  • UI Change: Behaviours have no recurrence therefore no schedule therefore the forward/extend button didn't make sense. Change removed the "forward" icon from action list for immediately recurring items.